Applications for 2024 AAFV Scholarships to support AAFV students and new graduate members participate in activities to expand their involvement in fish veterinary medicine should be for activities

between January 1 and December 31, 2024.

Deadline for applications is February 15, 2024

Each year, the American Association of Fish Veterinarians (AAFV) offers several scholarships to support 4 or 6 students and new graduate members to participate in educational, research or other activities that will increase their understanding and involvement in fish veterinary medicine.

In 2024, one Drury Reavill Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an individual who has a strong interest in a career in fish pathology, and one Donald Abt Memorial Scholarship to another individual who shows a potential leadership in advancing fish medicine – as is clearly outlined in their application.

Dr. Drury Reavill (1958-2021) was a Board Certified Veterinary Pathologist specializing in exotic animals, particularly fish diseases, who made significant contributions to advancing fish pathology. To be considered for this scholarship applicants should document in their application what they have previously done, or will do in the future to prepare for a career in fish pathology.

Dr. Don Abt (1936-2022) was an exceptional leader who, as the associate dean at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, professor of aquatic animal medicine and director of the Laboratory for Marine Animal Health, recognized the importance of a well-trained aquatic veterinary workforce as the founding Director of the AQUAVET® program that began in 1976 and has helped train many of the current and future leaders in our field. To be considered for this scholarship applicants should document in their application what they have previously done, or will do in the future to prepare for a career in educating or encouraging others to pursue a career as  fish veterinarians.


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Scholarship Eligibility

  • Must be an AAFV Student Member, including those enrolled in graduate school, internships and residencies.
  • New graduates, including those enrolled in graduate school, internships and residencies must be within no more than 1 year after graduation with a veterinary degree.
  • Previous AAFV Scholarship recipients are not eligible.
  • Recipients must also submit a written report about their experience to the AAFV Student Scholarship Committee within one month of completion of their experience.

Application Process

Submit the following to Dr. David Scarfe ( by February 15, 2024. Only complete applications received by the deadline will be considered.


  1. A completed scholarship application form (Click here for AAFV Scholarship Application Form)
  2. Applicant’s resume/curriculum vitae
  3. Two letters of recommendations, preferably from faculty or supervisors, supporting the applicant’s interests or activities in fish medicine, must be sent directly from the referee to Dr. David Scarfe (

Selection Criteria:

In the Application Form, the applicant should address:

  1. Involvement in fish related activities within and outside of veterinary school.
  2. The proposed activity and how participation will increase the applicant’s experience and involvement in fish medicine.
  3. A demonstrated potential for future contributions in fish and aquatic veterinary medicine.
  4. A demonstrated need for financial support, and what other sources of funding are available for the activity they hope to pursue.
  5. Letters of reference should address the applicant’s personal efforts and dedication to a career in fish or aquatic veterinary medicine.
  6.  The proposed activity must be completed between January 1 and December 31, 2024. 

Deadlines and Submission:

All application materials must be submitted to Dr. David Scarfe ( by this date. Only complete applications received by the deadline will be considered. The Scholarship Committee will make an effort to evaluate all applications and notify applicants as soon as possible after the closing date.


Student Scholarship Recipients & Reports

The following students have been selected to receive an AAFV Student Scholarship:


Lauren Staiger (Don Abt Scholar), University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2026 – AQUAVET 1

Laura Nicolás, Cornell University, Class of 2025 – Mississippi Aquarium Externship

Nathan Ma, University of California, Class of 2025 – Texas A&M Aquatic Lectures & Labs - Report

Samantha Amey-Gonzalez, Washington State University, Class of 2025 – Pacific NW Salmonid

Sebastian Elsenbroek, University of California, Class of 2025 – Georgia Aquarium Externship



Kayla Bonadie (Don Abt Scholar) NC State University. Class of 2024 – SeaWorld & Georgia Aquarium- Report

Rachel Fost (Reavill Scholar) Colorado State University, Class of 2025 – AQUAVET II

Briana Moreland (AAFV Scholar) Western University of Health Sciences, Class of 2025 – MARVET

Zachary Reynolds (AAFV Scholar) Michigan State University, Class of 2026 – Private Practice Internship- Report

Courtnie Ulrich (AAFV Scholar) University of Florida, Class of 2026 – SeaVet- Report

Courtney Buser (AAFV Scholar) University of Wisconsin, Class of 2025 – AQUAVET I 



Samantha Oakey (Drury Reavill Pathology Scholar), University of Georgia, Class of 2024 – AQUAVET I REPORT

Lee Gedelian, Michigan State, Class of 2023 – AQUAVET II

Darbi Jones, Virginia-Maryland, Class of 2023 – Wildlife Conservation Society/New York Aquarium research supplies “Diet Assessment of Sand Tiger Sharks (Carcharias taurus) in the New York Bight Based on Fecal DNA Metabarcoding”

Emi Tucker-Retter, NC State, Class of 2023 – Externship Thad Cochran National Warmwater Center/Aquaculture Research and Diagnostic Lab., Stoneville MS REPORT



Melinda Gorges – North Carolina State University, Class of 2023– AQUAVET I 

Kristina Kelly – St. George’s University, Class of 2022 – AQUAVET I 

Hery Rios-Guzman – Cornell University, Class of 2024– AQUAVET I

Jake Veilleux – Pacific Northwest Salmonid Veterinary Externship Program Report

Tala Woodward – Pacific Northwest Salmonid Veterinary Externship Program Report

Zixin Yu – Ohio State University, Class of 2022-University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab



Pamela Betancourt - Vancouver Aquarium, University of  Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory - Report

Michelle Greenfield – AQUAVET®I 2021 Report

Jasmine Gross – Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

Allison Murawski - Shedd Aquarium and SeaWorld Orlando Report

Vivian Lee – AQUAVET®I, Virtual AAFV Conference - Report


Michelle Barnett - AQUAVET I Report

Elizabeth St. Germaine - AQUAVET III Report

Jaclyn Wilson - AQUAVET II Report

Chelsea Hester - AQUAVET II Report


Sarah Wright - AQUAVET II & III, and IAAAM Report and Photos

Josh Zlotnick - AQUAVET I Report

Katherine Weber - AQUAVET I Report

Courtney Wright - Aquaculture Experience Report


Sierra Imanse - Eastern Fish Health Workshop, University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab, and Vancouver Aquarium Report

Ashley Kirby - University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab Fish Disease Diagnostic Lab Report

Emily Munday - AquaVet Program, The Fish Vet Group, Pacific Aquaculture, and Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife Report

Nicole Nietisbach - Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission, Seattle Aquarium and Washington Dept of Health Report


Erike Brigante - Mississippi State University Aquatic Diagnostic and Research Lab Report