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Baltimore, MD

Water Quality, Clinical Pathology, and Pathology Services


ZooQuatic Laboratory offers in-depth water quality, microbiology, and clin path services to meet your diagnostic needs.

We specialize in providing unique and specific solutions to challenging problems for all species of invertebrates and vertebrates.

We can also support your research diagnostic needs with special pricing.

Our services and price list is updated on a regular basis.

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We are continually developing new services.

Veterinary Consult and Fish Health Services

We provide a full range of fish health services including veterinary consultation, pathology services and fish health education.

Custom Prescription Vaccination Design

This is our specialty! We have effectively immunized trout, salmon, baramundi, tilapia, yellowfin, ornamentals, black cod, sea horses, public display fish, arctic char and more.

Regulatory Approval Consult

Need some proven assistance in registering your aquaculture-related product? Let us help you expedite the approval process.

Aqua Business Coaching

We believe the health of your business is just as important as fish health!


We can analyze your tissues. Gross and histologic analysis of tissue samples from all creatures great and small.


We can provide support. Get the pathologist perspective for research endeavors and consult with us on research protocol development, project execution, and data analysis.


We can create pretty pictures. Fabrication of publication quality photographs and plates tailored to your professional needs.


We can answer your questions. Answers to commonly asked questions and a direct communication port to the Fishhead Labs team.

Email us at if your company or organization is interested in supporting AAFV year round.