Who We Are

The American Association of Fish Veterinarians (AAFV; fishvets.org) is an association of licensed North American veterinarians who practice fish medicine either as…

part of their traditional practice;

with or alongside their institutional employment;

or as their main species group within their "fish practice."

As with traditional veterinary medicine, fish medicine can be roughly divided into…

pet fish (e.g. tropical and pond species like koi),

food and bait fish (aquaculture production),

lab animal,

and natural resource fisheries.

Some of our members practice in all areas while others are more specialized in one or the other.

A central function of this association is to advance the quality and stature of clinical fish veterinary practice.

Our Mission

Further the art and science of fish veterinary medicine by enhancing and promoting knowledge, proficiency, professional standards, and viability of fish medicine for veterinarians;

Increase the value, visibility, and acceptance of fish veterinary medicine for our stakeholders; and,

Ultimately, to improve fish, human, and environmental health.