Aquatic Pet Vet

At Aquatic Pet Vet, our mission is to support your fish by providing high-quality veterinary care so that your fish will enjoy a happy, healthy life as part of the family. We are a mobile veterinary practice in southern California that provides water quality testing, physical exams, basic diagnostics (cytology, ultrasound), sample collection for advanced diagnostics (bloodwork, histopathology, etc) and surgical procedures on site.



Services Provided:

HOBBYIST AND DISPLAY AQUARIA AND PONDS - These veterinarians provide services for ornamental fish--either for pet owners, hobbyist ponds, or public display aquaria. See the additional information from an individual veterinarian for further details about the specific services they provide.



United States Post Office, 3401, Grande Vista Drive, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Ventura County, California, 91320, United States

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